Live holistically

I am like a starling bird
crooning my heart out
amidst the misty mountains girth
and weaving out the threads of my mind
into an eloquent unheard word

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Dabble your soul into the minty salubrious air of the mountains and unravel all the untouched paths leading to the Deodar infested jungles and meadows.


Our words your experience is our motto, hence taking that into consideration  experience your piping hot cup of ginger tea along with some daily dose of random philosophy and relationship advice thereby unraveling the deep philosophies of life. 

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In this world brimmed with harmful and highly reactive chemical products, kraft lives has handpicked some of the natural and mild products for achieving a flawless and lustrous skin.

Take the bookish self out of you and forge an aesthetic bonds with books, thereby flipping through the pages of eternal love.

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I am Radha Seth, an eighteen-year-old damsel trying to dabble the feet into an enlightening world of holistic living, thereby researching on different permutations and combinations of getting a peaceful and laid back vibe into our lives. Being enrolled in the course of journalism and mass communication, I feel that I am charged with the role of showering some light of halcyon to mankind by paving a way to a holistic personality. Hence I barged into this venture of maintaining a holistic living blog, which is all about spending a minimalistic and a holistic lifestyle.


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