10 reasons to read books: A road map to tranquility



 Reading fictional books takes the sympathy and empathy dispositions to a whole next level. Since each and every scenario being described, puts us into an imaginary disposition or a virtual scenario, wherein we may get to decode and understand the underlying emotions of the characters, thereby putting our soul into the feet of the protagonists. Once you have already learned from the experience of those fictional characters, you need not go through most of the worldly problems and would probably have the solution of your repercussions or controversial scenarios.


 Going through the same scenario each day might help the mind to generate new pathways of an improved memory, thereby inducing the brain to hold some extra information. Hence, each time a person rustles through the pages of a book, the mind starts deciphering the previous plots and scenarios of the story.


3 Takes the mind to a new world

A light read just before dozing off to slumber, might help in de-stressing the monotonous foreboding repercussions of life. It also induces sleep while you think of something akin to a fantasy world thereby, rejuvenating the mind and relieving a subtle amount of stress. It has also been claimed that books helps in a subtle manner in order to distract the mind from something negative or some kind of laments of mind. It also helps to put the mind and body back into the track of life, thereby inducing a feeling of self love.


4 De stressing agent

Imagine your solitary soul strolling into the trippy slumber of a fantasy world, i.e. a whole new abode to the curious soul of our wanderlust physical self. Thus, going out on adventures, that too sans any risks could be feasibly done by getting hemmed into the vintage aura of thriller fictional books. Although it is not as fanatic as the experience of lucid dreaming, but once a mind gets used to walking through those fictional lanes of oblivion, it becomes a lifetime orgasm for that person.


5 Souvenir of Nostalgia

Inheriting a book could be as beautiful and pious as inheriting some kind of swanky antique trinket, and finding an epoch old dried petal of rose, could passably add on to the beauty of those dank vintage smell of those bequeathed pages of nostalgia.

6 A boost to imagination

Giving wheels to the imagination lying in your subconscious mind can be another good thing that is triggered by becoming a bibliophile. Reading a bunch of meaningful books would make you stand out of the crowd and would proffer you with a myriad of ideas.

7 Financial independence 

Well getting stuck to one genre is not necessary, for some kind of financial intelligence and knowledge one should dabble their mind into the tech savvy world of stocks, digital marketing or revenue books. Books of such genre would not only make you stand out, in the corporate world but would also make it feasible for you to manage your finances naturally.


8 Levels up your diction

Reading chunks of classic and fictional stuff would naturally make you fall into the splendid realm of writing. At some point, in your life you would start speaking and expressing the words, phrases and emotions that you get cognizant of while reading. Hence, by adding onto your repertoire of diction, it would eventually make you a part time or maybe a full time writer and an observer.

9 Gives a flow to your words

You start embracing the classical diction used by the veteran authors. Hence, stuffing those words into your speech would eventually make you have an idiosyncratic person. Over and above, exposure to others prominent work would add fluidity and cadence to your work.


10 Proffers peace 

Books can proffer a great amount of tranquility, because it proffers tranquility, as much as meditation does. Hence, it could be used as an alternative to traditional meditation. Since, reading could boos concentration levels to a great extent.

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