Things to do while traveling alone

1 Talk to strangers


What if you end up forging a heart to heart bond with a person who sat right beside you while you were cruising on the hair pinned roads of Himachal. It would apparently create a ‘jab we met’ scene; wherein, two strangers serendipitously bump into each other and end up seeing each other even after the trip ends. Well, our parents have always told us, not to talk to a stranger because he might be a con in disguise of a sweet, benevolent person. But, if you are on a solo trip away from your crib, you got to breach all those rules which weren’t actually meant for millennial like us who live in an age of hitchhiking and couch surfing.

2 Sans headphones


While suspecting the sky touching deodars, and the ethereal sun beams starkly sifting through the drooping, grayish green needles of those avenue trees, a slow pace song can add on a dash of tranquility to your soul. But, it would also have a downside of becoming a hindrance between your soul and the native people. Hence for some time of your journey, take off those earphones as it apparently spawns a block of ice between you and the native people around you. Hence, taking them off would help you to know about their culture and the fables which they carry while traveling.

3 Get out off your vehicle

Considering that you are traveling by your own private wagon hence you can cruise to all those roads which are less trodden, thereby, adding new stories and unforgettable experiences to your repertoire of travel stories. In a way, you would have more stories to tell while you catch up on a pleasant day with your fellow pals. So what are you waiting for, get off the wagon (become sober while you travel) and start trudging down the road which leads to nowhere, a place beyond the world of right doing and wrong doing where u can nonchalantly marinate your body in that crimson red sunshine of the dawn time.

4 Let your soul go wherever it wants to be

Sometimes getting lost in a world full of tranquility is all your soul needs, just like our physical body requires a cup of tea to get rejuvenated. Our soul also requires a sabbatical from the monotonous foreboding life. Be it an old colonial era church, an abandoned house, a palatial villa, a hair pinned road, leading to a gorge as deep as the depth of an ocean or a Christian cemetery. Loosen the leash of your soul and let it saunter, stroll and breeze through the tranquil streets of this world. I bet you it would become as happy as a furry retriever who gets brimmed with jubilation when he gets free of his leash.

5 Cycle over public or Pvt. Transport

Using a cycle in order to traverse around the city is an eco-friendly way to explore the nontouristy spots of the town and also freshens up your soul. Not only it provides a respite to your calf muscles, but it also lets you feel the immense pleasure of feeling the gusty winds blowing past your wave like tresses. Moreover, the earsplitting sound of those gusty winds would satiate the senses of a voracious nature lover.



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